Weekly Crypto News Update: 14th – 18th May

Hello guys and welcome again to the Crypto News Update.

Today we will discuss the events which are going to happen in this week. There are not many events in this week but there are some huge events.

So without wasting any time, let’s just get into it.

14th May

1. Coindesk Consensus Event: New York

The most awaited crypto community meetup and development event “Consensus” is here.

It is happening from May 14-16 at Hilton Midtown, New York.

You can check their website here: https://www.coindesk.com/events/consensus-2018/

Historically, this event has played a great role in the growth of the crypto community and there are a lot of great speakers.

This event acts as a green flag for the entry of bulls in the market.

So you can see a great pump after this event.

2. OP Coin(OPC): Wallet release, Coin burn and Swap

OP Coin(OPC) going to release their new Master Node wallet with new privacy features.

Also, their swap from OPC to OPCX coins starts on May, 14th. You can read more in their official update.

This coin is a very low cap coin with very low trading volume. So it can result in highly speculative pumps and dumps.

So be careful when investing in these type of coins.

3. Triggers(TRIG): TrigX Testnet demo

Tiggers(TRIG) going to present their Testnet TrigX at Consensus Event. It announces through a tweet of a team member:

The Consensus is a great event and presenting their Testnet on this event can play a huge role in the growth of TRIG.

4. BitBay(BAY): New Website

BitBay(BAY) going to release a new website according to their announcement made on their official twitter channel:

The price of BAY is not so much affected by this news now. But you can keep an eye on it for a little short-term profit.

15th May

1. Bitcoin Cash(BCH): Hard Fork

Bitcoin Cash(BCH) going through a Hard fork on 15th of may. You can read more here: https://btcmanager.com/bitcoin-cash-abc-bu-announce-roadmap-2018/

Sometimes hard forks pump the price of a coin very high, but sometimes it just acts like a flop film.

So just monitor the market carefully as there is no positive change in it.

But if you see any change or any whale comes in, you can drive the wave to earn a good short-term profit.

2. Cardano(ADA): Update

Cardano(ADA) going to update to new version Cardano 1.2. It enhances the speed and efficiency of the network according to their quotes.

I don’t think the price will get affected by this news. But I like this project and that’s why I’ve mentioned it here.

3. Ripple(XRP): Community Night

Ripple(XRP) going to arrange a Community Night at New York City on 15th may according to their announcement on their twitter handle:

There is no relation between this news and price of the coin. The only reason I’ve mentioned it here is “Snoop Dogg” is performing at that event and he is a great singer by the way.

4. Medical Chain(MTN): Cube Tech fair

The COO of Medical chain(MTN) is speaking at Cube Tech Fair 2018.

This event is going to happen on 15-16th may at Arena Berlin, Germany.

The price of MTN may not be affected by this event but some great announcements can be made there which can play a great role in the development of the overall product.

16th May

1. Lisk(LSK): Token Summit 2018

Lisk(LSK) team going to attend Token summit 2018 happening in New York City.

This event mainly explores the Token Based Economy.

The Lisk team shares its views and future Milestones on this event.

2. Stratis(STRAT): Smart Contract Alpha

Stratis(STRAT) going to release its Smart Contract alpha on 16th may according to their official announcement:

This event could be very helpful for developers involved or thinking to get involved in this project.

As an application of this protocol will let developers write smart contracts in C# language which is the most common language in the world of computer science.

3. Monaco(MCO): Global Beta app

Monaco(MCO) going to release its official Global Beta App on 16th may 2018. You can read more at their official announcement here: https://t.me/monaco_card_announcements/123

This official release can really drive the market up. As we can also see that the price of MCO is 15% up from its tomorrow’s value.

So you can keep an eye on it for a great profit.

17th May

1. Humaniq(HMQ): Humaniq Challenge

Humaniq(HMQ) is arranging a competition for blockchain-based projects on 17th of may according to their official announcement on their twitter handle:

18th May

1. iExec RLC(RLC): Release0

iExec RLC(RLC) going to release a new version of their platform v2.0 on 18th of may according to their roadmap.

This event might affect the price of it but not sure about it. Let’s see what will happen.

That’s all for today guys. As we can see there are not so many events in this week.

So you can just take a leave and rest on a seashore.

But this week is very important for the upcoming time as some big events like Consensus is happening which can lead to a great bull market.

So just rest for this week and stay tuned for regular market updates to gain an extra edge in the market and earn exponential profits.