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Ethereum “Casper” Projects

The “Casper” project being worked on by the Ethereum development team is simply a fix for a flawed Proof of Stake (POS) system.

As it stands POS has a major flaw to where if a malicious blockchain is formed anyone can profit off of it essential making cryptocurrency useless in this state and is also known as the “Nothing at Stake” problem, where no matter what you do you can’t lose which is good for those people, but bad for the future of crypto-kind so it can’t happen.

The Casper Project(s) being worked on fix this issue by penalizing members of malicious blockchains, in doing so, also cripples the new verifiers where as they get a rejected share that may not be malicious, will lose their stake.

What is YACCoin?

Searching for the best crypto currency for investment may be getting easier.

It does seem that every time you plug in there is a new cryptocurrency that pops up and just as many seem to fall off.

Choosing the right currency starts with understanding what is out there to choose from.

YACCoin is an option that is quickly climbing up the ladder of popularity.

A lot of people wonder why we need another crypto coin, the fact is that it is good for the market when there is competition around.

With each new development of cryptocurrency, the value of the current currency is kept in check which means that monopolies are avoided, and the wealth is more evenly distributed.

What is LeagueCoin?

LeagueCoin is a cryptocurrency that trades under the LOL symbol. It was founded in 2014 and is management by the Leaguecoin Team.

It uses a X11 algorithm. Like most cryptocurrency there is a limit to the number of coins.

It is recognized as tradable and can be traded with other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.