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Bitcoin Mining: A Beginners Tutorial

There is no better time than right now to start mining for bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a way to get bitcoins.

Lets be clear, mining for bitcoin is certainly not the easiest way to amass the coin, the cash or peercoin but it can be the most fruitful way to do it.

When Bitcoin was new, all you need was a computer to mine for bitcoin, today things are a little different.

You need specific hardware, a client and you need to run the setup continuously until you start to generate the coin.

To capitalize on the opportunity getting started sooner than later is critical.

Electroneum: Mining, Buying & Future

Electroneum is a mineable cryptocurrency aimed at gaining the mass adoption of smart phone users, of which there are over 2 billion of.

This alt-coin allows nearly anybody, regardless of available technology, easy access to the cryptocurrency world.

CryptoCurrency Mining in 2018: The Definitive Guide

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Mining is the process in which a host machine will communicate with the blockchain and ledger to process, confirm, and verify transactions.

Groups of these miner’s act as the backbone to any given cryptocurrency.

When a miner is working on processing transactions they are given payouts as incentive to continue to support the blockchain.

The majority of these payouts outweigh electricity costs, making it very profitable to mine cryptocurrencies.

However, a lot of the hardware required has a hefty price tag but some not so much.

Today I’m going to go over nearly everything about the mining processes of cryptocurrency, how much it costs, how much it could make, and how you can get started.