Weekly Crypto News Update: 20th – 25th May

Hello guys and welcome again to Weekly crypto news update. Today we’ll discuss crypto events that are going to happen in this week.

As we know, “Consensus” event happened in a previous week and there are a lot of great things about crypto’s future discussed in it. I’ve streamed it live from my home and it had paid for my time.

There are a lot of great speakers spoken on it discussing the facts that how our payment system and worlds global operations can change by cryptocurrencies.

It gave me a lot of confidence which makes me more enthusiast about cryptos then I was before.

Now, let’s just discuss the events going to happen in this week.

20th May

1. Pundi X (NPXS): Meetup in Amsterdam

Pundi X (NPXS) going to arrange a Meetup at Cafe de Doffer, Amsterdam.

This meetup is mainly arranged for Pundi X Netherlands Community. You can check more at their official announcement.

Meetups usually do not affect the market prices of coins but it plays a great role in improving the community which can lead to the long-term growth of the company.

2. Ethersportz (ESZ): Giveaway

Ethersportz (ESZ) going to arrange a giveaway on 20th may according to the announcement made on their website.

The price of the coin is pretty much speculated on 16th may but right now it is 10% down from its yesterday’s value.

It is a low cap coin which is highly affected by speculation. Thus, research it carefully before investing in it.

21st May

1. Origin Trail (TRAC): Surveyor Release v0.8a

Origin Trail(TRAC) going to release the initial version of Surveyor v0.8a on 21st may 2018 according to their roadmap.

The price of TRAC has experienced great pump and dump in a previous week. So you can keep an eye on it and make some good profit if you’ll be lucky.

2. Starks(STAK): Listing on HitBTC

Starks(STAK) going to listed on HitBTC exchange according to their announcement made on their official twitter channel:

It is a low market cap coin and the only reason I’ve listed it here is the price of the coin is almost doubled after the announcement made.

So right now, I’ll not prefer to go into it as the price is so much hyped right now but if you are a risk lover and know how to ride the waves then you can make a great profit in it.

22nd May

1. Genesis Vision(GVT): Product Presentation

Genesis Vision (GVT) going to release the alpha version of the GV platform at the iFX expo on may 22-24.

You can check their website for more info.

This could be a great news for market players and create a great pump in GVT’s value.

But, right now the market is not very much active about it.

So you just can wait and if you see any movement in price then you can enter the market and make a great profit.

23rd May

1. SunContract(SNC): Strategic Partnership

SunContract(SNC) will be announcing a very important strategic partnership with a top industry leader as stated in their official tweet:

I don’t know how the market going to react to it as I don’t know who is the “Top industry leader”.

But, the price is 10% up from its yesterday’s value. So you can keep an eye on it as a major pump and dump can be seen in this case.

2. eBoost (EBST): ALA Airdrop

Alaris (ALA) airdrop is scheduled to happen in may 23rd according to a video posted on their official tweet:

It is a low market cap coin and price of it is down right now. So you can keep an eye on it if any pump happens.

3. Zilliqa (ZIL): Meetup in Singapore

Zilliqa (ZIL) will be arranging a meetup in Singapore. You can check the details here.

According to their post, some important announcement is happening at this meetup and they are sharing a preview of their new smart contract language “Scilla”.

This could be a great event and the price is also affected by this news. So you can enter the market and see if any change happens.

4. Qtum (QTUM): Qtum X86 Launch

Qtum (QTUM) will be launching their virtual machine named Qtum X86 at the event held in Korea.

You can check more details about the event here.

This is a great news about the Qtum believers as it is a major milestone going to be accomplished by the team.

Newcomers can also make a quick short-term profit as the news can affect the price of it too.

24th May

1. Ethereum Classic (ETC): Hard fork

Ethereum Classic (ETC) will be having a hard fork in may according to their announcement made form their twitter channel:

This may not affect the price of ETC but it is a important news for the miners as the difficulty level will get reduced after that.

2. CampusCoin (CMPCO): Airdrop

CampusCoin(CMPCO) will be having an airdrop according to their progress report published on their website.

I don’t think that investing in this coin is a great decision but you can get 100 free coins by just registering on their newsletter.

3. Peculium(PCL): Data leadership summit

The chief data officer of Peculium (PCL) Abed Ajraou will be speaking “Data Leadership Summit” organized in London, UK.

25th May

1. Tron (TRX): TronVM v.0.1

Tron (TRX) is releasing their first main net TronVM v.0.1 on 25th may according to their official announcement made on Medium.

This could be very exciting news, as after releasing it, all Ethereum developers will be able to relocate their Ethereum dApp projects to TRON by using an adapter.

It can also affect the price of TRX so you can make some good positions in it.

2. CarVertical (CV): Entering 1st European market

CarVertical (CV) is planning to enter the 1st European market with a monetized product according to Development update published on Youtube:

It is a low market cap coin, so just research it carefully before investing in it.

That’s all for today guys. As we can see, there are plenty of events happening in this week so just keep an eye on them and you can make some quick bucks in this week.

And stay tuned for more updates and news to get an extra edge in the market and earn exponential profits.