Crypto News Recap: 10th – 11th May

Hello guys and welcome to the daily crypto news update. Here we will cover some specific crypto events which (may or may not) affect the price of that particular cryptocurrency. So without wasting any time, Let’s get into it.

10th May

1. POA Network(POA): POA Bridge and POA20 Launch

Today, POA network Launched its first Cross-Chain bridge.

This feature will give users of POA network, ability to Send their tokens between the POA network and the Ethereum network.

You can read the more detailed description on their official announcement page on Medium.

As we can see that this announcement has impacted the coin value very well. The coin is 25% up from its tomorrow’s value(At the time of writing).

So if you have purchased it on 8th or 9th may, then you had a great short-term profit in it.

2. UTRUST(UTK): MVP Store launch

Today, UTRUST will Launch an MVP store which Sells and ships real products(UTRUST merchandise) utilizing UTRUST The company hasn’t made any official statement regarding it and it is an estimated date so it can vary.

But as we can see, this news had also made an impact on UTK’s value as it is 10% high from it’s tomorrow’s value.

3. My Bit(MYB): Token Rebranding

My Bit token will go through a rebranding of their token according to their tweet and Medium blog.

But I don’t think people liked it, as the token is 25% down from it’s tomorrow’s value.

You can keep an eye on it, as the coin value is down now. You can enter the market if you’ll see any price fluctuation in it.

As the big whales can take a great advantage of this fall.

Now there are some events of 11th may, on which you can keep an eye and enter the market to make some quick bucks.

11th may

1. DigiBte(DGB): Digi-ID

DigiByte going to release it’s Blockchain powered authentication service named “Digi-ID”.

It is an authentication service which can replace username and password and even 2FA(According to their quotes).

You can check it’s website here

The market of the coin is up 10% from it’s tomorrow’s value But you can keep an eye on it as the event is very much hyped and you can take its advantage to make some quick bucks.

2. Enjin Coin(ENJ): Presence at Unite Beijing

Enjin coin(ENJ) going to attend a Unity Event at Beijing on 11th-13th. This is a very interesting event and it had affected the price of Enjin coin also.

The price is 10% up from it’s tomorrow’s value but it can increase more. So keep an eye on it.

3. Decentraland(MANA) WAX(WAX) and others: Crypto games conference

MANA, WAX and some Crypto companies going to take part in the crypto games conference held at Kyiv, Ukraine.

I’m not sure that this event will affect the price or not but this is a great event and it worth to be listed here. Thus, I’ve added it.

4. Electroneum(ETN): Hard fork and ETNX airdrop

Electroneum(ETN) starts up a hard fork on 11th may and ETNX airdrop will also take place on the same day.

You can learn more at:

According to my experience, the events of forks affects the price of a cryptocurrency greatly, and that is happening with ETN too.

The price of ETN is 7% up to its previous day value but it can go 5-10% up more. So you can keep an eye on it.

5. Dropil(DROP): DEX Platform 2.0

Dropil(DROP) is upgrading to Dex platform 2.0 on 11th may 2018 according to their official statement made on Medium.

This new had greatly affected the price of it as the price is 20% compared to the price of 9th may.

Now I’ll list some low cap crypto events which can affect the price of them.

But remember, the changes in their price are also results of some speculation.

So think and research carefully before entering in these cryptos.

6. Block Array(ARY): License

Block array is going to have a Membership Service Authority DAPP on 11th may according to their Medium blog.

I am now sure about the importance of this event but you can see that the price of the coin is up 25%.

As I’ve said you, they are mainly affected by Speculation.

7. Hydrogen(HYDRO): AMA(Ask me anything)

There is an AMA session conducted on 11th may be the team of Hydrogen coin.

The price of HYDRO is up 45% And I don’t think that this event will justify this huge growth.

Thus, it is a pure speculation according to my views.

That’s All for today. As we all can see that the events and market news affects the price of cryptocurrencies very much.

A trader aware of this news and events gets an extra edge in his trading and can gain exponential returns in the market.

I will help you to get that extra edge in the market by letting you know about all the events happened and going to happen in near future. Stay tuned for great articles like this.