What is YACCoin?

Searching for the best crypto currency for investment may be getting easier.

It does seem that every time you plug in there is a new cryptocurrency that pops up and just as many seem to fall off.

Choosing the right currency starts with understanding what is out there to choose from.

YACCoin is an option that is quickly climbing up the ladder of popularity.

A lot of people wonder why we need another crypto coin, the fact is that it is good for the market when there is competition around.

With each new development of cryptocurrency, the value of the current currency is kept in check which means that monopolies are avoided, and the wealth is more evenly distributed.

YACCoin Info

The cryptocurrency YACCoin symbol is YACC. It made its debut in May 2013 and was founded by Cassey.

The N Scrypt algorithm is used for this currency and the YACCoin is accredited with the development of the N parameter of Scrypt.

YACCoin is modeled after the Peercoin, Novacoin and Bitcoin with several similarities like hybrid proof of stake/work, fixed transaction fees to avoid spam attacks and bloat.

YACCoin logotype

This coin includes 1-minute target times, and a block reward based on the difficulty of the network.

It does have a limited number of coins like most all cryptocurrency. Some details include:

  • Traded on the cryptocurrency trade market
  • It is secure, reliable and robust
  • Recently passed block 1,600,000
  • Estimated market cap of over $200 million USD
  • The N parameter of Scrypt (N, 1, 1) increases over time
  • 256 bits output are used by the protocol.
  • SHA-3/Keccak-512 as a hashing used in Scrypt
  • ChaCha20/8 stream cypher is a mixing function in the Scrypt
  • its current value of N=65536, uses 8 MB of memory no other GPU has this amount of local memory, making most any computer old or new able to mine for this currency
  • Block reward is 25 coins, depending on level of difficulty
  • Dynamic Re-Targeting
  • 2 billion total coins
  • Proof-of-work

What does all this mean for you? It means that YACCoin is a stable investment with tremendous growth potential.

Who Can Add YACCoin?

Anyone can add YACCoin by:

  • Contributing code
  • Doing translations
  • Providing helpful How to’s
  • Doing anything you can think of that will benefit YAC

Simply download the wallet and get to work!

Mining, contributing, trading, all will fill your wallet quickly with this currency that is stable and ready to grow.

This coin is run by a community of volunteers that are welcoming and ready to let you into the folds.

Of course, you can secure some coins the good old fashioned way and just trade fort them using your current stash of cryptocurrency. They are openly traded.

While the value, like all currency, fluctuates, this coin is set to be around for a long time and to offer the steady stream of gains that you would expect from a reliable investment.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, longevity seems to be the determining factor.

So far, YACCoin has stood the test of the time at least for the short haul and all factors seem to point to the idea that this coin will be around for many years to come.

Of course before you make any decision about where you want to invest your time and resources you want to be sure that you weigh out your options.

Gather the information that you need and analyze both the pros and cons.